Smoothing Minerals

This month we are featuring our Smoothing Minerals Exfoliating Mask, find out why everyone is raving about this fabulous product!

Who doesn't want smooth, soft and glowing skin? Especially in the summer months we find our skin feeling dehydrated from sun exposure, pigment becomes more obvious and dead skin settles on top of the skin.

Lets talk about some of the unique ingredients in this product and why it has become a must have!

Straight from the Atlas mountains of Morocco the Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is anti-microbial and is made of 100% minerals and trace elements which are highly beneficial for the skin. Silica is an essential element in collagen production and Magnesium helps to fight against free radical damage which is most commonly caused by sun exposure.

Rhassoul clay works by ionic exchange, this means the clay has a powerful negative charge while most toxins under our skin have a positive charge, therefore it aids in drawing out impurities whilst replenishing depleted minerals from the skin. The combination of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay with Colloidal Oatmeal and Oryza Sativa Powder make an excellent formula for removing dead skin, refining skin texture and clarity.

The fine particles in Hibiscus Powder and Orange Peel Powder make it perfect to use on even the most sensitive skin. Hibiscus known as the "Botox plant", helps to refine pores and maintain skin elasticity. The Vitamin C content from both the Hibiscus and Orange Peel Powder help to speed up cell rejuvenation and control acne breakouts.

Lets not forget about the Marshmallow Root and Licorice Root Powder. Licorice is a wonderful ingredient that has a mild brightening action, it works to even out skin tone and assists with dull complexion. Marshmallow Root helps to plump skin, which leads to visibly healthier looking skin.

Last but not least the Sandalwood powder has a natural toning effect which shrinks pores and evens out skin texture.

The beauty about this product is that it is formulated in powder form to maintain maximum freshness. It is activated by adding water or our Zuanna Virgin Rose Hydrosol. It is also suitable for all skin types, unlike other clays it does not dry out the skin, instead it soothes and nourishes the skin. 

To celebrate this product we are donating $1 from every Smoothing Minerals Exfoliating Mask sold to our charity Safe Steps, from now until the end of the month*.

*January 31, 2017 23:59 AEST.



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