Combining, Nature, Luxury and Simplicity

Celebrating all of natures elements. Exquisite plant based oils that deliver natural antioxidants, vitamins and active phtyo-nutrients to the skin.

Mindful Skincare

A daily ritual to nurture your soul and skin. "Believing your beautiful is being beautiful"

Superior cold pressed oils

No refined or synthetic oils used. We use highly concentrated superior cold-pressed oils from raw nuts and seeds, to provide next level delivery properties from each ingredient.

Be kind to your skin

Free from synthetic ingredients, fragrances, preservatives, sulphates & fillers.

Customer Favourites

The essence of healthy glowing skin

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Hydrate, replenish!

Virgin Rose Hydrosol

Used in conjunction with Zuanna Facial Oils, our Virgin Rose retains moisture and revitalises the skin. It helps to balance and restore the skin's PH and tighten pores. Its antibacterial properties help fight acne giving troubled skin a gentle, rather than a harsh treatment. The perfect summer essential to add to your beauty ritual. You can also keep this beauty in the fridge for a refreshing, hydrating spritz throughout those hot summer days.

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