Is your diet affecting your skin?

Is your diet affecting your skin?

Looking after your skin requires a balance of good nutrition, good skin care products, minimal toxins, and a balanced lifestyle.

Your diet can trigger certain skin flare up and disorders. Food intolerances can also accumulate in the system and show up through the skin.

So how can you start looking after your skin better through diet?

  1. Start by eliminating highly processed food such as breads and snacks.
  2. Eliminate sugary beverages.
  3. Limit alcohol and stimulants
  4. Know your ingredients; minimise artificial preservatives, colourings & flavours
  5. Limit takeout food
  6. Listen to your body

What can you incorporate into your diet to help with skin health?

Eating foods packed with antioxidants vitamins and minerals. A diet full of fresh whole foods can provide the nutrients you need to support healthy skin.

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables; contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals
  2. Raw nuts and seeds; contain antioxidants and vitamin E to combat free radical damage, which contributes to the ageing of your skin.
  3. Wholegrains; help to relieve acne and improve the skin. Certain wholegrains provide the mineral selenium and levels of several other vitamins and minerals that play roles in the growth of healthy skin, hair and nails.
  4. Green tea; shown to help rejuvenate skin cells
  5. Carrots; one of the richest sources of beta-carotene, which acts as an antioxidant and can be made into vitamin A, which repairs and maintains healthy skin.
  6. Dark leafy veggies; spinach, silverbeet, dark green cabbage, kale, rocket, watercress, asian greens. The darker the greens the better as this usually indicates higher levels of antioxidants.
  7. Avocado; is a great source of vitamin E.
  8. Berries; rich in vitamin C and high in antioxidants which is necessary for the building of collagen.


If you are having issues getting on track with your diet and skin, it might be a good idea to seek out advice from a qualified nutritionist. 

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