About us

Zuanna Cosmetics is an Eco-Luxe Range that focuses on high quality plant based exquisite oils. Carefully formulated to protect, nourish and provide goodness to the skin, our focus is to keep each product as pure as possible, whilst using minimal ingredients. 

Our products are handcrafted in small batches to retain maximum freshness using nutritional plant based oils, CO2 extracts and therapeutic grade essential oils which are packed full of natural antioxidants, vitamins and active phtyo-nutrients. We use pure, certified organic, & wild crafted botanical ingredients. All our oils are cold-pressed from raw nuts and seeds to provide you with the highest delivery properties from each ingredient. 

After much research and passion for a healthy lifestyle, Zuanna has developed a range that celebrates all of natures elements. We believe in making skincare a journey not a chore, awakening your senses and evoking a truly decadent experience to empower you to embrace your skin and feel good from the outside in. 


Zuanna products are FREE from:
Synthetic Ingredients, fragrance, preservatives, sulphates, fillers, mineral oil, plastic packaging and parabens.

Zuanna products ARE made with:
100% Natural, Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients
Cold pressed oils
Vegan friendly ingredients

Zuanna is Sustainable
Zuanna uses high quality recyclable Miron glass bottles
Zuanna products are hand crafted 
Zuanna supports small and local businesses
Zuanna uses minimal packaging to reduce waste 

Zuanna gives back
Zuanna is grateful to the universe and shows appreciation by sharing its profits with the following important charitable organisations: 
Safe Steps - Family Violence Response Centre

We hope you love Zuanna products as much as we do and make a lifestyle choice to better your body, mind & soul. #maketheoilswitch

With Love & Gratitude,