About the Founder

Meet skincare chef and founder Joanne Tilocca, who hails from a long line of farmers, an extensive international career as a Makeup Artist and a true vision and passion for mindful skincare. 


Growing up in a small country town is undoubtedly the reason for my innate desire to pursue a natural, clean lifestyle. For as long as I can remember, my mum has always shared with me natural beauty recipes using hand picked ingredients straight from our garden.  So it is little wonder that formulating my own recipes from a young age had become so instinctive. My passion for bringing skincare back to the way nature intended is really just a natural progression for me.

The meaning behind Zuanna 

Pronounced:  ZU-AH-NNA 

The name actually originates from my Sardinian heritage and resembles my name in this language. As a child my grandfather would call me Zuanna, this name has always had so much meaning to me. It reminds me of my childhood; of growing up in nature and of the strength and courage my grandfather had, to migrate here and start a life on a beautiful Australian countryside. This I am so grateful for. 

The Journey

Throughout my career as a Makeup Artist, as well as my extensive exposure to the cosmetic industry, I developed a strong knowledge around skincare and cosmetic ingredients. Having struggled with my own personal skin sensitivities and being exposed to so many toxic ingredients with in the industry was really concerning to me.

Whilst on my journey to skin recovery, I realised that there was 2 main factors that contributed to having healthy glowing skin.

1. Nourishing your skin and body with healthy clean active botanical skincare by cutting out unnecessary & toxic ingredients 

 2. Mindfulness! Really taking that time out for you and believing in the ritual. Stress causes so much damage to our overall wellbeing and impacts our skin in a big way. Causing pre-mature ageing, acne, skin disorders and more. 

I really wanted to create a range that people could relate to, combining nature, luxury and simplicity whilst most importantly delivering results.

I am truly grateful to share my gift with you, and hope that you join me on this journey of mindfulness.



"Believing you're beautiful is being beautiful"