Mindful skincare


Our mission is to embody clean beauty as a whole, bring attention to the excess products you are using on a daily basis with no purpose.

We want to draw attention to you using ingredients your skin actually needs and eliminating toxic ingredients and unnecessary fillers, binders, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

We want you to embrace your skin naturally, using products that support and nurture it. 



•We use cold pressed unrefined oils, each chosen with the highest quality extraction method to provide maximum efficiency from the ingredient. 

•We consciously use minimal, targeted ingredients, that work in synergy.

•Each and every formula is individually formulated with carefully selected high quality ingredients, there is no use of bulk formulations. 

•We choose high active ingredients with minimal & sustainable processing methods to ensure maximum potency.

•Hand blended in micro batches, from seed to bottles, we keep each and every product in its rawest form.  

Our packaging has been specifically chosen with the intention to preserve and protect our delicate products. 

We use original high quality recyclable Miron glass in our face range which is not only good for the environment but also maintains the quality of our precious oils. The high quality glass offers optimal protection against the harmful effects of light. Furthermore, it increases the shelf life of our products and prolongs their potency.

•We use minimal packaging to reduce waste, we have aimed to not used unnecessary materials and outer packaging except for shipping purposes.