SKINCARE AUDIT! ~ Now is the perfect time to give your beauty cabinet an overhaul. Do you even know what is inside?

Let's go through a check list right now. 

1. Lay out all the products that are currently in your beauty cabinet.

2. Out of these products how many are you actually using?

3. Do you know how these products are benefiting or negatively affecting your skin?

4. Do you have an understanding of the ingredients in these products?

5. Do your products contain any of the following ingredients, also known as the "dirty dozen":

Synthetic fragrance/Parfum, Dibutyl phthalate, Parabens, Sodium laurel sulphates, Triclosan, PEG compounds-Propylene glycol, BHA and BHT, Synthetic colours-Coal tar dyes, DEA related ingredients, Petroleum, Siloxans, Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.

Checking through the ingredients list  

You are probably suffering from skin concerns/conditions and are unaware of where these are coming from. The ingredients in your skincare product should be beneficial to your skin or contribute to the overall wellbeing of your skin. For example so many products contain synthetic fragrances which may influence your initial decision to purchase a product, however these ingredients are harmful may be very harmful to the skin and even cause hormonal inbalances.

Your beauty regime

Now you have checked your ingredients list, check through how many products you are actually using, are you overloading your skin with too many products? It is important to stick to a regime that your skin needs right now. Our skin changes with environment, hormones, age, stress and health factors. If you were using a product for a specific skin concern that you no longer have, do not incorporate it into your regime anymore. Keep it simple. Check expiry dates on your products, if your products are out of date they can also cause an adverse affect on the skin, or influence the effectiveness of an active ingredient.

Now you have minimised your beauty cabinet. What to do in the future? 

Real ALL ingredients lists. Shop for what your skin is needing at the time, not what the latest marketing craze is. Try and shop certified toxic free, natural skincare. Be wary of intense smelling beauty products. Connect with the brand, know what you are using and ask questions if you are unsure of what is right for you. 

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